Our Story

Tracy Kohler, Head Pastry Chef and Owner of Farina Baking Company, always had a sweet spot for baking. With a degree in Biology, Tracy started her professional career in the healthcare industry before she began to test her skills in the kitchen. It didn’t take long for Tracy to fall in love with creating beautiful desserts and inventing new recipes, so in 2014 she turned this passion for pastry into a career with the launch of Farina Baking Company.  Prior to Farina’s debut, Tracy worked closely with various talented pastry chefs to discover endless recipe possibilities, perfect new techniques, and hone her craft. Her inner perfectionist and excitement for all things sweet has been an integral part of building a business centered around innovation, customization, and meticulous attention to detail.


Farina Baking Company is known for its strong focus on designer and couture cakes, extravagant dessert displays and custom detailed sugar work.  We draw our inspiration from up-and-coming trends, seasonal features, and the amazing couples we work with to provide a customized experience for our clients. The difference is in the details, both in recipe and decoration, and because of this our desserts are as enjoyable to eat as they are to admire.


Our desserts are unique and delicious because we pride ourselves in using only the highest quality ingredients, many of them provided by local farmers.  During the summer seasons we are able to utilize bountiful berries and flavorful herbs to draw inspiration for baking and provide the freshest ingredients for your event. Discover the difference with just one bite!


We take pride in bringing our extreme passion for food to all your special events. Our menu planning is based on what your wishes and requirements are for each event and we are always there to help guide you in your choices. Our team is here to make your vision come to life, and our goal is to make your special day even sweeter.

WBENC Farina Baking Company

We believe that all the little details matter.
Let us bake your day a little sweeter.

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